1. QSAT Service: Standard Terms and Conditions.


    1.1 Unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

    Acceptable Use Policy means QSAT Communications Acceptable Use Policy as set out in Exhibit C.
    “Agreement” means this Master Services Agreement and the Service Agreements;
    “Beam(s)” means the beams in which the Transponders are grouped;
    “Commencement Date” means the service start date or the service activation as stated in a Service Order or as notified by QSAT Communications, which date shall not be later than 30 days from the Execution Date unless otherwise agreed in writing by QSAT Communications;
    “Confidential Information” means all trade secrets, Intellectual Property Rights, information, lists, software, data, price, designs, programs, documents and intelligence, whether in machine readable, visually readable or other form, which are the property of QSAT Communications (including QSAT Communications or its supplier or Satellite Operator), and which are not accessible or known to the general public, except that the following shall not be considered “Confidential Information”:
    (a) information which is in the public domain other than by the recipient’s breach of this Agreement or any confidentiality agreement;
    (b) information which was previously known to the recipient party, as established by written records of the recipient party, prior to receipt from the other party;
    (c) information which was lawfully obtained by the recipient party from a third party under circumstances which caused the recipient party to reasonably believe that such disclosure and use was lawful; and
    (d) information which was developed independently by the recipient party or any of its employees, agents or representatives who had no access to the Confidential Information provided by the other party.
    “Customer Provided Equipment” or “Customer Provided Facilities” means the equipment and/or earth station facilities to be used in the utilisation of the Service being either (a) provided by the Customer for the use in the utilisation of the Service; or (b) provided by a third party under a contract with Customer subject to Clause 8.10; or (c) the equipment purchased by the Customer from QSAT Communications;
    “End User(s)” means the end user of the Customer who actually uses the Service;
    “Equipment” means the equipment provided by QSAT Communications to the Customer either on rental or sale terms, as stated and listed in a Service Order. If the Customer rents the Equipment from QSAT Communications, then the Equipment Rental Terms and Clause 3A shall apply, and if the Customer purchases the Equipment from QSAT Communications, the Equipment Purchase Terms and Clause 3B shall apply;
    “Equipment Rental Terms” means the terms and conditions prescribed by QSAT Communications (as attached in Exhibit A herein and updated from time to time) and which are applicable to the rental of Equipment by the Customer;
    “Equipment Purchase Terms” means the terms and conditions prescribed by QSAT Communications (as attached in Exhibit B and updated from time to time) and which are applicable to the purchase of Equipment by the Customer;
    “Force Majeure Event” means an act, omission or circumstance over which a Party could not reasonably have exercised control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, acts or omissions of government, strikes, lockouts, riots, acts of war, war (declared or undeclared), acts or threatened of terrorism, adverse weather conditions, meteorological/ atmospheric occurrences or disturbances (including sun outbursts, sun outages and electromagnetic storms), satellite failure, interference or loss, transponder failure or loss, solar flares, sun outages, damage caused by space debris, epidemics, earthquakes, flood, typhoon, heavy storms or other natural disasters, labour disputes, quarantines, embargoes, acts or omission of third parties and governmental regulations imposed after the Commencement Date. For the avoidance of doubt, the failure of any Customers Provided Equipment or Facilities shall constitute a Force Majeure Event to QSAT Communications;
    “Intellectual Property Rights” means patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, registered designs, designs, copyrights and other forms of intellectual or industrial property, know-how, inventions, formulae, confidential or secret processes, trade secrets and proprietary confidential information, and any other protected rights and assets, and any licenses and permissions in connection therewith, in each case in any part of the world and whether or not registered or registrable and for the full period thereof and all extensions and renewals thereof, and all applications for registration in connection with the foregoing;
    “Insolvency Event” means when the Customer institutes, or a third party institutes against the Customer any action or proceeding, whether voluntary or compulsory, which has an object or may result in the winding up of the Customer (other than a voluntary winding up by members for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation), or the Customer is placed under official management or enters into a compromise or other arrangement with its creditors or any class of them or an administrative receiver or an administrator or receiver is appointed to carry on the Customer’s business or to take control or possession of any of its assets for the benefit of its creditors or any of them, or the Customer cease to carry on with its business;
    “Master Services Agreement” or “MSA” means this master agreement which is applicable to the provision of the Services (as updated and amended from time to time by QSAT Communications);
    “One Time Charge” means the one-time fee payable upfront in advance upon signing of a Service Order which may include inter alia Service activation fee, line deposit, line configuration fee, Security Deposit and any other fee (as applicable) as specified in the Service Order;
    “Outage Credits”
    "Out of Scope Work" means the service outage credits provided by QSAT Communications subject to the terms and conditions stated in the SLA;
    any work that is necessary to provide a Service or necessary to enable proper operational condition of a Service at a location, or any work that Customer requests QSAT Communications to perform that is not included as part of the relevant Service offering under the applicable Service Agreement (e.g. extensions of demarcation zones, provision of additional equipment, provision of hot or cold spares.)
    “Rental Charge” means the rental charge for the Equipment rented from QSAT Communications by the Customer;
    “Satellite” means the satellite used for a particular Service;
    “Satellite Operator Agreement” or “SOA” means the agreement and service order entered by QSAT Communications with the Satellite Operator for the use of the Satellite (including any modification and amendments thereto);
    “Security Deposit” means the security deposit for the Service (and includes the Security Deposit payable for Equipment Rental, if applicable) as specified in a Service Order, and applicable in accordance with Clause 6.3 herein;
    “Service(s)” means the provision of satellite and/or internet bandwidth (where applicable) for transmission or retransmission of telecommunications traffic (including but not limited to satellite uplink or downlink and any managed services) within the transmission parameters or standards or specification in accordance with the applicable service levels or operational requirements as more specifically described in the Service Orders for the duration of the Service Term using facilities owned and/or operated by QSAT Communications and/or third parties contracted by QSAT Communications and subject always to the Service Agreement;
    “Service Agreement(s)” means the Service Order and the attachments to the Service Order which may include inter alia (1) the transmission parameters, service standards or specifications, service information (2) applicable service attachment(s) (3) the operational requirements (4) SLA (where applicable) and (5) any special terms and conditions, as the case maybe. The Service Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions of this GT&Cs;
    “Service Fees” means the monthly recurring fee or charge payable by the Customer, for the use of Service(s) specified in a Service Order;
    “Service Term” means the duration of the Service as specified in a Service Order, commencing from the Commencement Date and ending on the Service end date;
    “Service Order” means QSAT Communications service order in the format provided by QSAT Communications (as updated and revised from time to time by QSAT Communications
    “SLA” means QSAT Communications standard service level agreement and where applicable, the extended service level agreement (as set forth in Exhibit D);
    “QSAT Communications WLL QSAT Communications(ies)” means any parent company of the contracting QSAT Communications WLL entity or any of its affiliated or commonly controlled entities or subsidiaries;
    “QSAT Communications Group” means QSAT Communications WLL and its holding, subsidiaries and affiliates, including its officers, employees, agents, partners and shareholders of QSAT Communications and/or any of the entities in QSAT Communications Group;
    “QSAT Provided Equipment” or “QSAT Provided Facilities” means the equipment including earth station and other transmission equipment which is the property of QSAT Communications or which QSAT Communications permits to be used for the purposes of providing the Services;
    “Taxes” means all applicable taxes including GST (Goods and Services Tax), VAT (Value Added Tax), sales tax, withholding tax, duties and levies imposed by any authority, government body or agencies;
    “Telecommunications Traffic” includes but not limited to sounds, images, data or signals which are transmitted or received by the Customer through the Service;
    “Territory” means the territory as specified in a Service Order;
    “Term” means the term of this MSA as described in Clause 4 herein or as extended or terminated in accordance with this Agreement;
    “Termination Fee” means the outstanding Service Fees (equivalent of up to a maximum of 3 months of Service Fees) payable if the Customer cancels the Service at any time within the first 3 months of the Service Term following the commencement of the Service. For example, if the Customer has paid the first month’s Service Fee but cancels in the second month of the Service Term the Termination Fee payable is equal to the second and third months’ Service; a“Transponder(s)” means the transponder(s) used to provide a Service.

    1.2. In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:

    words denoting the singular number include the plural and vice-versa;
    words denoting a gender include every gender; 
    words denoting natural persons include bodies corporate and unincorporated;
    reference to clauses or appendices is to clauses or appendices to this Agreement;
    references to any statute, ordinance, regulations, code or other law and other instruments under it, shall include any statute, ordinance, regulation, code and other law consolidating, amending, re-enacting or replacing any of them from time to time;
    headings to the clauses of this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement; and
    where a word or a phrase is defined, other parts of speech and grammatical forms of that word or phrase have corresponding meanings.
    in the event that any terms or conditions of this Agreement conflicts with the terms and conditions of the schedules, appendices or any other document, now or hereafter agreed or determined, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail unless the language of such document unequivocally and expressly states the terms of such document are to prevail over this Agreement. 
    wherever in this Agreement, provision is made for the giving of notice or consent by any person, unless otherwise specified such notice or consent shall be in writing and the word “notify” shall be construed accordingly; 
    a reference to this Agreement or any other written document is a reference to this Agreement or that other written document, as amended, varied, novated or substituted from time to time;
    In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, references to “day(s)” means a twenty four (24) hour period as in calendar day.  References to “business day(s)” or “working day” means a day on which commercial banks are open for business in the country in which the QSAT Communications contracting entity is incorporated (other than Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) unless otherwise expressly stated in the Agreement; and
    no rule of construction applies to the disadvantage of a Party because that Party was responsible for the preparation of this Agreement or part thereof.


    2.1 Service Agreement. QSAT Communications shall provide the Services to the Customer in accordance with the terms as set out in a Service Agreement, requirements set by the Satellite Operator under the SOA (where applicable) and subject to the terms and condition stated herein.

    2.2 Satellite usage. Customer acknowledges and agrees that QSAT Communications may at any time, and with as minimum a disruption as possible to the Customer, during the Term, replace the Satellite currently being used to provide the Services with another satellite, provided that such replacement satellite shall have substantially comparable footprint coverage, frequency range(s) and power level(s) as that of the current Satellite (the "Replacement Satellite") and QSAT Communications may migrate the Customer to the Replacement Satellite by giving advance notice of fourteen (14) calendar days to the Customer. Subject to those limited warranties set forth in the SLA, QSAT Communications makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, (i) that the Satellite and Replacement Satellite will operate or continue to operate as a successful operating satellite, and (ii) that the Satellite and the Replacement Satellite will be free from technical problems and/or failure, and as a result, remain available to the Customer throughout the Term of this Agreement.

    2.3 Upgrade Network. QSAT Communications shall be entitled to upgrade the network at any time with notice to the Customer, and Customer hereby agrees to perform the corresponding hardware changes at its own cost. In an Equipment Rental arrangement, QSAT Communications may provide necessary replacement hardware to Customer and Customer shall on its own cost perform the hardware changes in accordance with QSAT Communications instructions.

    2.4 Troubleshooting. QSAT Communications shall be entitled at any time, to conduct troubleshooting measures in order to rectify any problems faced in the provision of the Services and the Customer shall have no claim against QSAT Communications for any downtime resulting from such troubleshooting exercise(s). QSAT Communications will endeavour to provide as much notice as practicable.

    2.5 Right to Intercept. Customer acknowledges and agrees that QSAT Communications reserves the right to intercept the Service and any communication of the Customer, including the right to disclose information and data, if and only if requested by a government or regulatory authority and only to the extent so required by applicable law.

    2.6 Engineering services. If QSAT Communications is required to provide engineering services, Customer will be subject to additional charges based on the working hours (man-day rates) of the respective jurisdiction of the Remote Site and the specific terms stated in a Service Agreement.



    Equipment Rental Terms. In addition to the Services, QSAT Communications may also provide Equipment on Rental basis subject to a Rental Charge, Security Deposit and other terms set out in the Service Agreement and the Equipment Rental Terms. 

    3B. EQUIPMENT PURCHASE Customer shall be solely responsible for procuring, at its own cost and expense, any equipment, terminal, software and facilities that are required to enable connectivity to the Services and shall pay for the price of such Equipment (“Equipment Purchase Price”). Where applicable, the Customer may be required to execute and enter into a separate Equipment Purchase Agreement with QSAT Communications. Customer agrees that the Equipment purchase shall be subject to the Equipment Purchase Terms, if the Parties do not enter into a separate Equipment Purchase Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties and unless the Customer has obtained a pre-approved credit account with QSAT Communications, such Equipment Purchase Price is payable upfront before delivery. Customer shall notify QSAT Communications if any changes or modification to the equipment or uplink sub-systems adversely affect the Satellite or QSAT Communication’s earth station, and QSAT Communications may in its absolute discretion and without liability to the Customer, discontinue the Services.


    The Customer shall at its own cost deliver Customer Provided Equipment to QSAT Communications.  Where necessary QSAT Communications shall install Customer Provided Equipment for use in providing the Service at the costs and expenses of the Customer. The Customer Provided Equipment shall at all times remain at the risk of the Customer and shall be used by QSAT Communications with reasonable care. The Customer hereby warrants that the Customer Provided Equipment is in good order and condition and functions according to its specification.  

    4. TERM

    Unless terminated in accordance with this Agreement, this MSA shall come into force on the Execution Date and continue to remain in force until the expiration or termination of a contracted Service Term as per the initial contact with the customer. Thereafter, the Service Term shall automatically renew for successive periods of twelve (12) months each (each, an “Extension Term”), unless terminated by either party upon notice to the other by giving prior written notice of not less than thirty (30) days before the expiry of the Extension Term. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this MSA shall continue to apply to any Service Agreement so long as such Service Agreement remains in effect.


    QSAT Communications owns or is licensed to use the Intellectual Property embedded in the Services and the Equipment. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, the Customer is not granted any express or implied licences relating to Intellectual Property Rights. Any unauthorized use of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Service and the Equipment shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement which shall entitle QSAT Communications to the remedies stated in this Agreement and under the applicable law. Notwithstanding anything to the foregoing, Customer agrees and undertakes to hold harmless and indemnify QSAT Communications against any claims, losses, costs and damages arising or incurred as a result of any infringement of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Services and the Equipment.  

    6. PAYMENT

    6.1 In consideration for the Services rendered, the Customer shall pay QSAT Communications
            (a) the One Time Charge on the date of placing a Service Order (b) the Service Fees upon the successful activation of the Service which shall be the Service start date as stated in the Service Order or as notified by QSAT Communications (c) any other fees as specified in the Service Agreement. The Service Fees shall be invoiced monthly in advance and are due and payable in advance, no later than the 1st business day of each service month. If it is expressly stated in a Service Order that the Services is subject to monthly usage limits, then any usage over and above the specified limits shall be considered “excess usage” and shall be subject to additional fees or charges as specify by QSAT Communications.

    6.1A If QSAT Communications is required to perform any Out of Scope Work due to missing or incomplete Customer-provided information or due to Customer's failure to provide information in a timely manner, or due to Customer’s failure to prepare a location adequately for Service delivery, then Customer will pay QSAT Communications for such Out of Scope Work in accordance with a written good faith cost estimate provided by QSAT Communications.

    6.2 In consideration of the Equipment provided by QSAT Communications, Customer will pay either the Rental Charge or the Equipment Purchase Price (as applicable) stated in the Service Order and subject to the terms in Clause 3A or 3B herein as the case may be.

    6.3 QSAT Communications will be entitled to deal with the Security Deposit in the following manner (as it deems fit):-
    (a) apply the Security Deposit in payment of Service Fees for the first month of the Service Term in advance;
    (b) apply the Security Deposit in reduction of the Service Fees payable for the last month of the Service Term; and/or
    (c) In the event of a default or breach on the part of the Customer of its obligations under this Agreement, any Security Deposit which has not been previously applied in accordance with this clause may be applied against unpaid Service Fees.
    QSAT Communications shall refund the Security Deposit (or so much of the Security Deposit as has not been applied by QSAT Communications in reduction of Service Fees in accordance with clause 6.3 (a) (b) (c) above) to the Customer on the termination or expiration of this Agreement provided that the Customer has paid to QSAT Communications all Service Fees and other fees, charges and interest which may become due and payable by the Customer to QSAT Communications. In addition, QSAT Communications may require the Customer to increase the amount of the Security Deposit held by QSAT Communications or require a further Security Deposit from the Customer of a reasonable amount at any time if: 
    (aa) In the reasonable opinion of QSAT Communications, the Customer’s financial circumstances have substantially changed since the Customer entered into this Agreement; and
    (bb) The Customer has defaulted on timely payment of two or more invoices.
    (cc) QSAT Communications has used the Security Deposit to pay any outstanding Service Fees or Rental Charge.

    6.4 Unless stated otherwise in the Agreement, any other non-recurring charges related to a Service Agreement are due and payable within 30 days from the date of QSAT Communications invoice (which shall be issued in advance).

    6.5 Customer shall make all payments (i) in the currency as specified in the Service Agreement without offset, deduction or withholding and (ii) by bank wire transfer to such bank account as QSAT Communications may designate by notice to Customer. In addition, Customer shall be responsible for any and all transfer, exchange, or other similar charges. All payments shall be deemed to be made only upon QSAT Communications receipt of collected funds. QSAT Communications may apply any payment made by Customer to any outstanding amount that may be due under the Agreement, or any other agreement between Customer and QSAT Communications regardless of any designation of payment that Customer makes.

    6.6 Any payments due from Customer and not received by QSAT Communications on the due date shall be subject to a delinquency charge (liquidated damages) at the rate of 2% per month on such overdue amount calculated from the due date until the actual payment in full is received by QSAT Communications. Customer acknowledges that such delinquency charge is reasonable under all the circumstances existing as of the Execution Date.

    6.7 If any payment required under this Agreement has not been received by QSAT Communications by the payment due date, QSAT Communications may serve by electronic mail, a formal demand for payment to be made within seven (7) days from the date of the demand and may at its discretion suspend the provision of any Service (in whole or in part) under this Agreement without any further notice to the Customer. In the case where payment remains outstanding for more than fourteen (14) days from the date on which QSAT Communications becomes entitled to suspend any Service, QSAT Communications shall have the right to terminate this Agreement forthwith.

    6.8 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, QSAT Communications reserves the right to (a) adjust the Service Fee or any other fees payable under the Service Agreement from time to time at its discretion whenever the Satellite Operator or its supplier or service provider adjust their fees or charges; and (b) change the currency used in the Service Agreement or denominate the currency used in the Service Agreement to another foreign currency, at any time, by giving a minimum 30 days’ notice to the Customer in writing.

    7. TAXES

    The Customer shall pay and shall indemnify QSAT Communications in respect of all Taxes, (other than QSAT Communications’s corporate income tax) which may be assessed against QSAT Communications by any government authority in respect of this Agreement. If any supply by QSAT Communications under this Agreement is subject to GST or VAT then QSAT Communications may in addition to Service Fees, the Equipment Purchase Price, rental fees or any other charges or fees under this Agreement, recover the GST/VAT amount from the Customer.  The GST/VAT amount shall be payable by the Customer to QSAT Communications at the time the One Time Charge, Service Fees, Rental Charge, Equipment Purchase Price and any other charges or fees are payable under this Agreement.  


    8.1 Local Licences. Customer shall acquire, obtain and validly maintain any government or other regulatory body licences, permits or approvals (as the case may be) necessary for the use of the and implementation of QSAT Service in the Territory, and shall indemnify and hold QSAT Communications harmless against any cause of action or claim that may arise out of Customer’s failure to obtain or maintain such licences, permits or approvals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, QSAT Communications may (but not obligated to) assist in the provision of local licenses needed in the territory and where such assistance is rendered, extra charges shall be payable by Customer on a cost plus administration fee basis. QSAT Communications shall be responsible for obtaining those licenses, permits, temporary permits and authorizations required by any jurisdiction related to QSAT’s performance of the Services under these Terms and Conditions and/or SOA, however, QSAT Communications shall not be held in breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or any SOA in the event QSAT Communications is unable to obtain any License for any Customer Site due to circumstances beyond QSAT Communication’s reasonable control. Each Party agrees to cooperate in providing to the other all information required to enable the other to obtain any required licenses, permits, and/or authorizations.

    8.2 Facilities. Customer shall ensure that stable power supply, air conditioned equipment room facilities and cables free from harm, are available at all times for the purpose of storing the Equipment including the Customer Provided Equipment, and shall not in any way obstruct the antenna or any other items constituting the Equipment including the Customer Provided Equipment;

    8.3 Prohibited Use. Customer shall NOT use the Service and/or Equipment for any purpose prohibited under applicable law. Customer understands that transmission of any material in violation of local law and/or applicable regulations is prohibited, including without limitation, any copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material and material protected by trade secret or Intellectual Property Rights that belongs to third party.

    8.4 Reselling. Customer shall not be permitted, without QSAT Communications express prior written consent, to use, re-sell, lease or supply QSAT Communications goods and services to any individual, business entity or any third party in the territory contracted in the Service agreement .

    8.5 Permitted Use. Customer shall comply with the all operational requirements and with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations, including any restrictions on Customer’s receipt of the Service applicable in any country in which Customer uses this service.

    8.6 Frequency Assignments. The entity that operates the Satellite on which the Service is rendered (“Satellite Operator”), may change frequency allocations associated with a Service. The Customer, under instruction from QSAT Communications, is responsible to reconfigure all Customer Provided Facilities and equipment to enable transmission to and reception from the Satellite at the new frequency assignment.
    8.7 Non-interference and Use Restrictions. Customer will follow established practices and procedures for frequency coordination and will not use the Service, or any portion thereof, in a manner which would or could be expected to, under standard engineering practice, harm the Transponder or interfere with the use of or harm any portion of the Transponder that is not assigned to Customer, any other Transponder, the Satellite, or any other in-orbit satellite or transponder on such satellite. Customer will not cause, whether directly or indirectly, the Improper Illumination of the Transponder and/or any other transponder, satellite or space segment. “Improper Illumination” includes transmissions at excessive power levels or any illumination which can cause harm or interference to the Transponder, or any other transponder, space segment and/or satellite.

    8.8 Third Party Use. Without implying any right of Customer to permit any third party use of a Service, Customer shall be responsible to QSAT Communications for any third party use or transmissions permitted by Customer to the same extent as Customer would be for its own use or transmissions and references in the Agreement with respect to Customer’s responsibilities to QSAT Communications regarding Customer’s use or transmissions shall be interpreted accordingly.

    8.9 Relocation. Customer shall not relocate the Equipment without QSAT Communications prior written approval. Customer agrees that it shall bear all direct and/or incidental costs arising from such relocation. Customer shall ensure that the relocation is conducted and carried out by suitably trained personnel as verified by QSAT Communications or engage QSAT personnel to undertake this activity.

    8.10 Compliance with Law. Customer shall observe and comply with the relevant laws, regulations, orders, and policies and guidelines of the governmental laws applicable in the State of Qatar and all other laws applicable to QSAT Communications in performing the rendered services. Customer shall at no time engage in any corrupt practices to procure contracts or business which include without limitation the giving of gifts and other such incentives, bribery and rewards to local or foreign government officials or other parties in order to obtain a favourable position or outcome in any negotiation or transaction and the Customer shall at all times indemnify and hold QSAT Communications harmless from any claims, fines or other financial liability arising from such practices.
    8.11 Application of Satellite Operator Agreement. The SOA contains terms and conditions which relate to the provision of satellite bandwidth on the applicable Satellite to be used in the provision of the Service. To the extent of those terms and conditions are relevant, they will apply equally to the provision by QSAT Communications on the Service to the Customer. In making use of the Satellite the Customer shall comply in all respects with the terms of the SOA. QSAT Communications shall be entitled to regulate uplink frequencies and do the necessary to comply with the operational, technical and other requirements of the Satellite Operator including (but not limited to) the right to impose onto the Customer automatically on a “back-to-back” basis of all the obligations and indemnities imposed by the Satellite Operator from time to time. QSAT Communications will make available the relevant provisions (subject to the confidentiality obligation of the SOA) to the Customer upon request by Customer.

    8.12 Technical Compliance. Customer will be responsible for the technical compliance, security, proper functioning of and safe operation of the Customer’s equipment and facilities, and shall take all steps to ensure that its equipment and facilities do not damage, interfere with or cause any deterioration in the operation of any of QSAT Communications facilities (including the Teleport Facility), the facilities, equipment or services of any Satellite Operator (including the Transponder or its associated equipment or Transponder services); it shall comply fully with the parameters and guidelines as set out in the relevant Service Agreement, as the same may be modified or supplemented from time to time by QSAT Communications in its discretion. Further, Customer shall not at any time change any of its equipment or technical specifications used in connection with any Service or as listed in the relevant Service Agreement without prior written consent from, and discussion with QSAT Communications to ensure technical compatibility relating to any such proposed change.

    8.13 Access. Customer agrees to provide QSAT Communications and/or its subcontractors and their respective employees, servants or agents access to the locations (including access to the associated equipment) as necessary for QSAT Communications to provide and perform the Services. Where QSAT Communications provides Customer access to its facilities and equipment, the Customer shall comply and ensure that its employees, servants, agents and subcontractors complies with all and any access policies from time to time implemented by QSAT Communications in respect of such facilities and/or equipment.

    8.14 Responsibility for acts of end-users. Customer shall remain QSAT Communication’s customer on all records for all Services provided hereunder. Customer shall be responsible for all the acts or omissions of its users, employees, and any of its affiliates who procure and/or use the Services from QSAT Communications under the MSA and for the payment of all charges for Services provided hereunder, including Services provided to such users and affiliates.


    9.1 Provision of Services. QSAT Communications shall perform the Services, in accordance with the terms of the Service Agreement. QSAT Communications shall carry out such Services with due care and diligence in an efficient and workmanlike manner, providing the Customer with the same standard of services as is customarily provided by reputable service providers to customers in the satellite service industry

    9.2 Wrongful Use. In the event Customer’s wrongful use of the bandwidth and/or Equipment causes (in QSAT Communication’s reasonable opinion) interference to other Customers on the Satellite or causes interference on other satellites or adversely affects QSAT Communication’s vendor or damage to the Equipment or loss thereof, QSAT Communications shall be entitled to forthwith suspend Customer’s use of the bandwidth and/or lease and terminate this Agreement with immediate effect, without limiting QSAT Communications’ right to the fees and charges payable under this Agreement up to the termination date and to any other rights granted pursuant to this Agreement. QSAT Communications shall also be entitled to retain the balance of any unused fees or charges under this Agreement. In the event of any damage or loss to the Equipment caused by the acts or missions of the Customer or its employees, agents or representatives, QSAT Communications shall indemnify customer for any losses and costs arising from such damage or loss of the Equipment and Customer shall permit QSAT Communications to carry out inspection of the Equipment to determine the cause any such loss or damage. Such indemnification shall survive the expiration, cancellation or termination of this Agreement.

    9.3 Force Majeure Event(s). In the event of a Force Majeure Event, QSAT Communications shall be entitled to suspend the Service for a reasonable duration to be determined by QSAT Communications based on the seriousness of the effect of such Force Majeure Event on the Service.


    10.1 Cancellation. If the Customer cancels a Service during a Service Term for any reason other than QSAT Communications failure to remedy a material breach of the Agreement, then Customer shall pay to QSAT Communications the Termination Fee (if applicable) in addition to any other fees for Services (any additional technical support services delivered outside the scope of contracted service) rendered and the Rental Charge of the Equipment delivered prior to the date of any such cancellation..

    10.2 Termination for Cause. QSAT Communications may immediately terminate a Service Agreement and this MSA “for cause” upon delivery of a written notice to Customer, if: (i) Customer fails to make payment of any amount due under such Service Agreement and such amount remains unpaid within seven (7) days after receiving from QSAT Communications a notice of such non-payment; or (ii) Customer fails to cease activity in violation of Clause 8 above immediately upon receiving telephone or facsimile notice from QSAT Communications; or (iii) Customer’s use of the Equipment materially breaches the terms and conditions as stipulated in the Equipment Rental Terms; or (iv) Customer fails to cure its breach of any provision of the Agreement within 30 days after delivery of written notice to Customer by QSAT Communications; or (v) Customer fails to cease any other activity in violation of the Service Agreement within thirty (30) days after receiving from QSAT Communications a notice of such violation.

    10.3 Consequences of Termination. If a Service Agreement is terminated for any reason other than an unremedied breach on QSAT Communication's part, in addition to all of QSAT Communications other remedies at law or in equity, the Termination Fee and all amounts due under this Agreement shall become immediately due and payable by the Customer, together with any interest accrued pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, QSAT Communications may (if it deems fit) apply the Security Deposit against the Termination Fee. Upon termination, QSAT Communications shall be entitled to use the bandwidth and/or Satellite allocated for the Service for any purpose QSAT Communications deems fit and Customer shall not be entitled to any equitable relief with respect to such use or any refund of amounts paid to QSAT Communications. Customer acknowledges that QSAT Communication’s rights set forth in this Clause are (a) reasonable under all of the circumstances existing as of this date; (b) constitute liquidated damages; and (c) do not constitute a penalty.

    10.4 Right to Deny Access or Intervention.

    10.4.1 QSAT Communications may deny Customer’s access to a Service in any circumstance in which QSAT Communications would have the right to terminate the related Service Agreement for cause; provided that any notice that would be required for termination for cause is also given for any such denial of access.
    10.4.2 QSAT Communications may also deny Customer’s access to a Service where the usage of the Service by the Customer has caused QSAT Communications (i) be indicted, (ii) be otherwise charged as a criminal defendant, (iii) becomes the subject of any criminal proceeding, or (iv) becomes the subject of any other governmental action or threat of any action by any governmental entity or representative thereof which potentially could result in the revocation, suspension, or loss of any license, ability or right to provide capacity or service to any customer, or loss of any customer’s right or ability to use the capacity or service provided to it.
    10.4.3 The Satellite Operator may also deny Customer’s access to a Service if Customer’s signal is being “jammed” or “interfered” by a third party (governmental or otherwise) and such jamming is interfering with the use or threatens the health of the Satellite.
    10.4.4 QSAT Communications may continue to deny Customer access to a Service until any breach of the related Service Agreement by Customer is cured and, in the case of any denial of access pursuant to Clause 10.4.2 above, until any action or threat of action is resolved in QSAT Communication’s favour or removed and, in each case, until assurances are given to QSAT Communications reasonable satisfaction that the matter(s) giving rise to a denial of access will not reoccur.
    10.4.5 QSAT Communications denial of Customer’s access to a Service in accordance with this Clause shall not result in any Outage Credit to Customer and Customer’s payment obligations shall continue to be due and payable in accordance with the terms under this Agreement.
    10.4.6 Customer recognises that it may be necessary, if the Satellite or any component thereof, loses power, or in other unusual or abnormal technical situations, or other unforeseen conditions, for the Satellite Operator to deliberately pre-empt or interrupt Customer's use of the Service, solely in order to protect the overall health and performance of the Satellite, or as otherwise necessitated by any reduction in available power. The Satellite Operator shall make such decisions in its sole discretion. To the extent technically feasible, QSAT Communications shall give Customer at least 24 hours notice of such pre-emption or interruption and will use all reasonable efforts to schedule and conduct its activities during periods of such pre-emption or interruption so as to minimize the disruption to users of the Satellite. Customer shall immediately cease transmissions to the affected Service Transponder(s) at such time as the Service is pre-empted or interrupted pursuant to this Clause.
    10.4.7 If the Service Transponder is not meeting the Service specifications, but Customer elects to continue to use the applicable Service, as degraded, the Satellite Operator may interrupt Customer’s use as necessary to perform testing or take any other action that may be appropriate to attempt to restore the affected Service Transponder to its Service specifications. In such event, QSAT Communications shall coordinate activities with the Customer and shall use all reasonable efforts to minimise the overall disruption.
    10.4.8 The Satellite Operator may deny the Customer access to a Service if Customer is not in compliance with Clause 8 above.

    10.5 Force Majeure. Any failure or delay in the performance by QSAT Communications of its obligation to commence or to continue to provide a Service shall not be a breach of the Service Agreement if such failure or delay results from any Force Majeure Event.

    10.6 Survival. The termination of any Service Agreement for any reason shall extinguish all of QSAT Communication’s obligations to provide, and Customer's obligations to accept, the Service, but shall not relieve either party of any obligation that may have arisen prior to such termination. Clause 11, 12, 13 and 14 shall survive the expiration or termination of any Service Agreement and/or the Agreement.


    11.1 QSAT Communications does not warrant or represent that the Services will be provided free of any interruption or disturbance and further excludes any responsibility or liability for:

    (a) any interference, interruption or disruption to any part or all of the Services caused by any failure, breakdown, inoperability, defect or fault in or of the Transponder, any public or third party telecommunication network, equipment, infrastructure, cables or other facilities;
    (b) the contents of the data, the equipment and facilities provided by QSAT Communications, the Customer’s equipment and facilities or any services thereby provided or used by Customer;
    (c) any act or omission on the part of the Customer or its employees, agents, representatives or contractors or any third party;
    (d) any service or assistance provided by or other action taken or omission done by QSAT Communications pursuant to or in accordance with the express instructions or directions of Customer and/or the consequences thereof;
    (e) any loss of profit, business, contract, opportunity, revenue or anticipated savings; or
    (f) any damages or losses of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (including loss of use, Losses resulting from missing, contaminated or misdirected email or other electronic messages or the contents thereof and loss of, or anticipated loss, of business, revenue, profits, savings or goodwill).

    11.2 Limitation of liability. Subject to the SLA, it is expressly agreed that QSAT Communications sole obligation and Customer's exclusive remedies for any cause whatsoever (including, without limitation, liability arising from negligence) arising out of or relating to the Agreement under any theory of law or equity are limited to Outage Credits and clause 11.1, where applicable, and all other rights and remedies of Customer of any kind are expressly excluded and waived. In no event shall either Party be liable for any indirect, incidental, con-sequential, punitive, special or other similar damages (whether in tort, negligence, strict liability or under any other theory of liability) including but not limited to loss of actual or anticipated revenues or profits, goodwill, loss of business whether foreseeable or not, occasioned by any cause whatsoever. In addition, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Customer acknowledges and agrees that it shall have no right of recovery for the satisfaction of any cause whatsoever, arising out of or relating to the Agreement, against (a) the QSAT Communications(b) any supplier of services or equipment (including the Satellite Operator) to QSAT Communications necessary for the provision of the Service to Customer in any circumstances in which QSAT Communications would be obligated to indemnify the supplier, or (c) any officer, director, employee, agent, partner or shareholder of QSAT Communications.
    11.3 Indemnification. Customer shall indemnify and save harmless the QSAT Communications Group from any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, or damages (including reasonable legal fees and costs), arising out of or relating to the provision of any Service, and/or Customer's or its End User(s)’ use of, the QSAT Communications Provided Facilities, including, but not limited to, (a) those arising out of any transmission by Customer or its End User(s) that is actually, or alleged to be, libellous, slanderous, obscene, indecent, a breach in the privacy or security of transmissions, an infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property right, or otherwise illegal; or (b) Customer’s breach of its obligations under Clause 8 above, or (c) those arising out of any claims brought by any End User(s) or any other third party(ies) in connection with any Service, including any disputes between or among Customer, its End User(s), other transmission recipients and/or transmission content suppliers; or (d) any warranty, representation, or statement Customer may make to a third party in connection with any Service.

    12.1 No Property Interest Created. The Agreement does not grant, and Customer shall not assert, any right, interest, or lien upon the property or assets of QSAT Communications, including, but not limited to, any QSAT Communications -Provided Facilities.


    13.1 Representations, Warranties And Covenants. Subject to the understanding that certain applications may be pending or subsequently filed by QSAT Communications with the applicable governmental authority, QSAT Communications and Customer each represents and warrants to, and agrees with, the other that: (1) it has the right, power and authority to enter into and perform its obligations under the Agreement; (2) it has taken all requisite partnership or corporate action, as applicable, to approve execution, delivery and performance of the Agreement, and the Agreement constitutes a legal, valid and binding obligation upon itself; (3) the fulfilment of its obligations will not constitute a material violation of any existing applicable law, rule, regulation or order of any governmental authority, or contract to which it is subject; (4) all public or private consents, permissions, agreements, licenses or authorisations necessary for the performance of its obligations under the Agreement to which it is subject have been obtained, or it will use all reasonable efforts to obtain, in a timely manner and (5) it does not know of any broker, finder or intermediary involved in connection with the negotiations and discussions incident to the execution of the Agreement, or of any broker, finder or intermediary who might be entitled to a fee or commission upon the consumma¬tion of the transactions contemplated by the Agreement.


    14.1 Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state Qatar being the country of the place of incorporation of the QSAT Communications WLL as a contracting entity stated in the signing page of this MSA or Service Order without regard to any conflicts of law principles. The Parties hereby agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state and country of the place of incorporation of the QSAT Communications WLL. Customer agrees that service of process in any action or proceeding shall be deemed sufficient if mailed, first class, postage prepaid, to Customer at the address set forth herein, as the same may be changed in accordance with Clause 14.6 below. Customer further agrees that those courts are the most appropriate and convenient courts to settle any disputes arising from this Agreement and accordingly will not argue to the contrary. Accordingly, the Customer irrevocably waives any objection it may now or in the future have to the venue of any proceedings, and any claim it may now or in the future may have that any proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum, where that venue falls within those courts stated herein.

    14.2 Confidentiality. The Parties undertake with each other that they will at all times keep confidential and will not at any time use, divulge or communicate to any person other than to their respective officers, employees, accountants, lawyers or agents whose province is to know the same and except as required by law, all negotiations carried on and any information in respect of this Agreement and they will use their best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of any Confidential Information concerning the same.
    This confidentiality undertaking shall not apply to information which:- 
    (a) is approved for release by prior written authorization by the Party disclosing the Confidential Information; or
    (b) is required by law to be disclosed.
    This Clause 14.2 shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement. Each Party further agrees, upon termination for whatever cause of this Agreement, to forthwith return to the other Party all documents and any materials received in connection with this Agreement containing any Confidential Information of the other Party.

    14.3 Severability. Nothing contained in the Agreement shall be construed so as to require the commission of any act contrary to law. If any provision of this Agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, the provisions of this Agreement so affected shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to permit compliance with the minimum legal requirements.

    14.4 No Third Party Beneficiaries. Other than as specifically set forth in the Agreement, the provisions of the Agreement are for the benefit only of QSAT Communications and Customer, and no third party may seek to enforce or benefit from those provisions.

    14.5 Non-Waiver. The Agreement may not be amended or modified in any way, and none of its provisions may be waived, except by a prior writing signed by an authorised officer of each party.

    14.6 Notices

    14.6.1 General Notices. All notices and other Communications from either party to the other, except as otherwise expressly provided, shall be in writing and shall be deemed received upon actual delivery at the address and/or facsimile number and/or electronic email address provided by the party. Each party will advise the other promptly in writing of any change in the address, designated representative or telephone or facsimile number.

    14.6.2 Telephone Notices. For the purpose of receiving notices from QSAT Communications regarding technical problems, including with respect to Service failure and restoration, Customer shall maintain a telephone that is available at all times during which Customer is receiving Service from QSAT Communications. All such notices shall be made in English and shall be effective upon the placement of a telephone call from one party to the other. Each party shall promptly confirm all tele-phone notices that may be given under this Agreement in writing to Customer at the address and/or facsimile number and/or email address set forth in the Service Order.

    14.7 Counterparts. The Agreement may be executed in several original and/or facsimile counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, and all such counterparts together shall constitute but one and the same instrument.

    14.8 Independent Contractors. For the purposes of this Agreement and the acts, deeds and obligations to be performed herein, Customer is an independent contractor. Customer is not an agent, partner or employee of QSAT Communications and shall not hold itself out as such and, except as otherwise expressly provided herein, shall have no authority to act for, represent or bind QSAT Communications to any other obligations.

    14.9 Entire Agreement. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous statements, understandings, writings, commitments, or representations concerning its subject matter, unless otherwise expressly stated and agreed in writing by QSAT Communications WLL having the registered office at Al Rehab Complex, Office 2, C-Ring Road, PO Box 22424,Doha, Qatar .



    Equipment Rental Terms

    1. Scope of this Equipment Rental Terms. These Equipment Rental Terms shall govern the relationship between QSAT Communications and the Customer for the rental of the Rental Equipment at the Remote Sites as specified in a Service Order. QSAT Communications reserves the right to amend, vary, change, revise and update the terms and conditions stated in this Equipment Rental Terms at any time with notice to the Customer.

    2. Definition

    “Commencement Date” means the commencement date as described in the Service Order;
    “Remote Site” means the site or location as specified in the Service Order;
    “Rental Charge” means the monthly rental charge specified in the Service Order;
    “Rental Equipment” means the equipment rented by Customer from QSAT Communications as described in the Service Order;
    “Rental Period” means the rental period for the Equipment Rental as described in the Service Order;

    3. Payment Terms specific to Equipment Rental. (i) Unless otherwise agreed, commencing on the Commencement Date, Customer shall pay QSAT Communications the monthly recurring Rental Charge in advance. The Rental Charge and the Security Deposit shall be payable within the payment due date as stated in QSAT Communications invoice (“Due Date”) (ii) Customer shall be liable to pay all delivery expenses and freight charges for the delivery of the Rental Equipment (including installation charges, where applicable) (iii) QSAT Communications will refund the Security Deposit (without interest) to the Customer, after the return of the Rental Equipment by the Customer and after the confirmation by QSAT Communications that the Rental Equipment is returned in good order and condition and that all charges under this Agreement has been paid by the Customer. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, QSAT Communications shall be entitled at its sole and absolute discretion to apply the Security Deposit in payment of any outstanding amount due by the Customer.

    4. QSAT Communication’s Rights. (i) The Equipment is, and shall at all times be and remain, the sole and exclusive property of QSAT Communications. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as to transfer any ownership right or interest to the Customer in respect of the Rental Equipment. (ii) In the event of default in payment on the part of Customer, without prejudice to any other rights and remedies QSAT Communications may have, QSAT Communications shall have, and the Customer hereby grant QSAT Communications, the right to enter onto the premises or vessels upon which the Rental Equipment is being installed, at the Customer’s sole cost and expense to remove the Rental Equipment. Customer hereby acknowledges that this grant of right shall be irrevocable throughout the Term herein and waives any rights of action by reason of such entry or removal.

    5. Customer’s Responsibilities.

    (i) Where applicable, Customer agrees to acquire, obtain and validly maintain any government or other regulatory body licenses or approvals (as the case may be) necessary for the use of the Rental Equipment rented from QSAT Communications and shall indemnify and hold QSAT Communications (including its employees, officers, directors, affiliates and holding QSAT Communications) harmless against any cause of action or claim that may arise out of Customer’s failure to obtain or maintain such licenses.
    (ii) Customer shall be solely responsible for rental of the Rental Equipment at its own cost and expense the equipment and/or software and facilities (if any) stipulated in this Agreement that are required for the use of the Rental Equipment.
    (iii) Customer shall ensure that a stable power supply, air conditioned equipment room facilities and cables, free from harm are available at all times for the purpose of storing the Rental Equipment and shall not in any way obstruct the antenna or any other items constituting the Rental Equipment.
    (iv) the Customer shall allow unobstructed access to QSAT Communications personnel to its storage premises to inspect the Rental Equipment at any time during the Term and in the event of any inspection necessitated by malfunction or damage which is subsequently proven to have been caused by the Customer, the Customer shall hereby be liable for the costs of any such inspection, labour, travel, subsistence and the repair and/or replacement of the damaged and/or malfunctioning Rental Equipment. The Customer shall inform and keep QSAT Communications informed of the location and whereabouts of the Rental Equipment.
    (v) Customer shall not use the Rental Equipment for any purpose prohibited under applicable law or in violation of local law and/or applicable regulations is prohibited, including without limitation, any copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material and material protected by trade secret. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless QSAT Communications (including its employees, officers, directors, affiliates and holding QSAT Communications) from any claims, costs, fines, penalties, damages, fees and other expenses resulting from Customer’s misuse of the Rental Equipment for illegal, infringing, or unauthorized purposes.
    (vi) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, QSAT Communications may, in its sole discretion, immediately cancel/terminate this Agreement without liability if Customer’s wrongful use of the Rental Equipment adversely affects QSAT Communications s performance under this Agreement or damage to the Rental Equipment or loss thereof. Further, QSAT Communications shall be entitled to forthwith suspend and terminate this Agreement forthwith, without limiting QSAT Communications right to the charges up to the termination date and to any other rights granted pursuant to this Agreement. QSAT Communications shall also be entitled to retain the balance of any unused charges under this Agreement. In the event of any damage or loss to the Rental Equipment caused by the acts or omissions of the Customer or its employees, agents or representatives,
    (vii) Customer shall at all material times throughout the Term of this Agreement obtain QSAT Communications s prior written approval for relocation of the Rental Equipment and shall bear all direct and/or incidental costs associated therewith.
    (viii) Customer assumes all risks, and will pay all costs and expenses(including attorney’s fees and all other related costs incurred therein) arising from the use, possession, or maintenance of the Rental Equipment, and agree to indemnify and save QSAT Communications harmless from and against all loss or damage or claims or liabilities for loss or damage (including Force Majeure Event) arising out of the use, possession or maintenance of the Rental Equipment, and to give QSAT Communications immediate written notice of any such loss or damage, or loss of possession of the Rental Equipment occasioned by any cause whatsoever. Such indemnification shall survive the expiration, cancellation or termination of this Agreement.
    (ix) Customer shall procure and continuously maintain and pay for all risk insurance against loss and damage to the Rental Equipment in an amount not less than the sum total of the Rental Equipment as specified in the Service Order. Customer shall immediately provide documentation of said insurance coverage to QSAT Communications upon request. The insurance shall be in such form and with such QSAT Communications as shall be reasonably acceptable to QSAT Communications.
    (x) Customer hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss, damage, theft and destruction to the Rental Equipment from any cause whatsoever. No loss, damage, theft or destruction to the Rental Equipment or any part thereof shall impair any of the Customer’s obligations under this Agreement. Such obligations shall continue in full force and effect throughout the Term herein. In the event of loss or damage of any kind whatever to the Rental Equipment, Customer shall, at QSAT Communications request; repair or replace the said Rental Equipment and ensure it is in good working order; or pay to QSAT Communications the replacement cost of the Rental Equipment as shall be notified by QSAT Communications.
    (xi) Customer shall indemnify QSAT Communications against, and hold QSAT Communications harmless from, any and all actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, arising out of third−party claims against QSAT Communications that are in any way connected to Customer's use or possession of the Rental Equipment.
    (xii) Upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement, Customer shall return the Rental Equipment to QSAT Communications in good condition and working order, (ordinary wear and tear excepted), by delivering the Rental Equipment at Customer's own cost and expense to such designated location as QSAT Communications shall specify at the material time.
    (xiii) Customer shall provide the correct information for purposes of this Agreement and Customer undertakes that it has full contractual capacity to enter into this Agreement and shall comply with the terms and conditions herein.

                                       EXHIBIT B TO STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  

    Equipment Purchase Terms

    1. Scope of this Equipment Purchase Terms. These Equipment Purchase Terms shall govern the relationship between QSAT Communications and the Customer for the sale and purchase of the Equipment as specified in the purchase order or Service Order. QSAT Communications reserves the right to amend, vary, change, revise and update the terms and conditions stated in this Equipment Purchase Terms at any time with notice to the Customer.

    2. Payment Terms specific to the Equipment Purchase. The Customer agrees to pay QSAT Communications 100% of the Equipment Purchase Price prior to the delivery of the Equipment, on the receipt of the invoice from QSAT Communications. All prices quoted shall include Taxes applicable for the sales and purchase of the Equipment, for which the Customer shall be solely responsible to pay that.

    3. QSAT Communications Responsibilities. QSAT Communications will be responsible to deliver to Customer the Equipment upon receipt of full payment of the Equipment Purchase Price together with other agreed fees (including freight charges and other delivery expenses, where applicable) from Customer.

    4. Equipment Warranty.
    (a) Refurbished Equipment: If Customer opt and purchases refurbished equipment, then QSAT Communications does not provide any warranty and Customer hereby agrees to purchase the refurbished equipment on an “as is” basis;
    (b) New Equipment: If Customer purchases new equipment, then QSAT Communications warrants (i) good title to the hardware furnished; (ii) at the time of delivery, the Equipment will be new (iii) during the Warranty Period as defined below, the Equipment delivered will be free from material defects in workmanship and materials and under ordinary use, conforms in all material respects to the specifications. The Warranty Period begins on the date the Equipment has been fully paid for and extends throughout the initial Term of one (1) year only from the Effective Date (“Warranty Period”). Where the Equipment is subject to a warranty supplied by the manufacturer, the obligation of QSAT Communications during this Warranty Period shall be limited to the terms of the applicable manufacturer's warranty. Subject to the manufacturer’s warranty conditions, during the Warranty Period, QSAT Communications will (at its sole discretion) repair or replace the faulty Equipment returned to QSAT Communications by Customer unless the failure of the Equipment was the result of shipping, improper installation, maintenance or use, abnormal conditions of operation, attempted modification or repair by Customer or Customer’s end-users, or Force Majeure Event. Customer shall be liable to pay the freight charges including import duties and custom clearance for transporting the faulty and repaired Equipment. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express, implied or statutory, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

    5. Customer’s Responsibilities. Customer will be responsible for the following:

    a) Order the Equipment from QSAT Communications using the purchase order or Service Order in the format prescribed by QSAT Communications.
    b) Pay QSAT Communications for the Equipment Purchase Price and other agreed fees in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    c) Ownership and title to the Equipment shall pass to the Customer only upon the receipt of the full payment of the Equipment Purchase Price by QSAT Communications in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.
    d) Risk in the Equipment shall pass to the Customer upon delivery, who shall hold the Equipment in a fiduciary position up until full payment for the Equipment has been made to QSAT Communications Accordingly, Customer shall be responsible for procuring adequate insurance coverage for the Equipment.

    6. Disclaimer. Except as expressly set forth in this agreement, QSAT Communications does not make, and hereby specifically disclaims, any representations or warranties, express, implied or statutory, with respect to the equipment, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and implied warranties arising from the ordinary course of dealing or ordinary course of performance.


    This ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (“Policy”) is subject to the definitive agreement governing the provision of telecommunications services (the “Services”) from QSAT Communications to the purchaser of the Services (“Customer”), and this Policy governs the use of any Services that enable the Customer to access content via the Internet, either directly or indirectly.  Customer’s use of the Services constitutes acceptance of, and agreement to, the terms and conditions of this Policy. QSAT Communications reserves the right to modify this Policy from time to time.
    Customer agrees that it will not initiate, participate in, or allow any of the following activities through or in connection with the Services:
    • Using the Services for illegal purposes or for the transmission of material that (i) is unlawful, harassing, libelous, defamatory, profane, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, indecent or sexually explicit;
    • infringes the intellectual property rights or the contractual, proprietary or fiduciary rights of others (unless with the express written permission of the owner of such right);

    • violates or is invasive of the privacy or publicity rights of others;

    • constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or would otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including without limitation the laws applicable in the State of Qatar.

    • unreasonably interferes with QSAT Communication’s or any underlying carrier’s network or system or the use of such system by other customers;

    • Engaging in any activity which threatens the integrity of any computer system, or violates generally accepted standards of Internet conduct and usage, including but not limited to “denial of service” attacks, web page defacement, hacking, port and network scanning, “phishing” or the fraudulent use of email messages that appear to come from legitimate businesses for the purpose of identity theft, unauthorized system penetrations or distributing bugs, viruses, worms, Trojan Horses or such other harmful elements;

    • Attempting to break security, or in fact, breaking the security of any computer network, accessing an account which does not belong to Customer, or any other act of a malicious nature which may reasonably result in harm or damage to another user’s service, equipment or privacy, including but not limited to any act of fraud;

    • Directly or indirectly sending any spam or unsolicited mass distribution of e-mail;

    • Engaging in any of the foregoing activities by using the service of another provider, by channeling such activities through any of QSAT Communication's IP addresses as a mail drop for responses or otherwise by using the services of another provider for the purpose of facilitating any of the foregoing activities if such use of another party’s service could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the Services; or

    • Reselling the Services to any third parties without prior express written consent from QSAT Communications.
    Customer acknowledges and agrees that information related to the use of the Services may be required to be provided by QSAT Communications in compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, rules, orders and decrees. Without implying any right of Customer to permit a third party to use the Services, Customer agrees that its customers, if any, and end-users (collectively, “End Users”) are bound by the terms of this Policy. Customer agrees to notify its End Users of the terms of this Policy and to be responsible for any violation of this Policy by its End Users. Customer further agrees, on behalf of itself and its End Users, to comply with all laws, rules, regulations and policies applicable to any underlying carrier’s network or to any server, computer database, hardware or other equipment, software, web site or ISP that is accessed through the Services.
    Should Customer or its End Users violate any terms of this Policy, QSAT Communications may take such action as it deems necessary to protect the integrity of its network and resolve any Policy violation, including but not limited to immediately suspending, limiting or terminating Customer’s access to the Services without notice, as well as conducting regular system monitoring, port scanning and shutting down of ports affected by viruses, worms or other malicious code, investigating suspected violations of this Policy, instituting action to recover the costs and expenses of identifying offenders and terminating their access to and use of the Service, and levying cancellation charges to cover QSAT Communication’s costs in the event of termination of access to the Services.  Nothing contained in this Policy shall be construed to limit QSAT Communication’s rights or remedies available at law.


    1. Introduction:
    QSAT Communication’s broadband VSAT service is backed by comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees continuous network uptime and excellent customer support. The SLA addresses the following metrics for sites with the Qsat service located all over the world.
    1. Network Availability 
    2. Mean Time To Restore (MTTR).
    3. Service parameters. 

    These SLAs are measured from the QSAT Communications Network Operations Center (NOC) to each Customer site. At the Customer site, the SLA measurements are to the Network Interface Device namely the satellite modem. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is not included in the SLA measurements.

    The Qsat SLA is comprised of the following commitments.

    Metric Commitment
    Network Availability 99.9%
    MTTR. 4 hours
    Service Parameters.  Packet loss will not exceed 2% during a calendar month.
     Latency will not exceed 650ms for a single satellite hop.
     Jitter must be held below 10% in order to maintain good video/audio IP streaming connections.
     Committed information rate(CIR) speeds will be met at all times.
     The service level will be monitored by QSAT and a monthly report will be provided for the same. Customer will have accessibility to this monitoring through a web client/browser.

    2. Network Availability SLA 
    Description: QSAT strives to maintain maximum network availability and backs this commitment with the Network Availability SLA metrics. QSAT's SLA for Network Availability is measured in hours of uptime over the calendar month, during which the Qsat provided Customer connection is available to transport IP packets. 
    Network Availability = (Total Hours in a Month - Total Hours of unavailability in a month)
    Total Hours in a month

    Measurement: Network Availability is measured 24X7x365 from the QSat NOC using automated ICMP ping polling and other means from our Network Management System (NMS). QSat will open a trouble ticket if the Customer or End User contacts the QSAT NOC to inform them of a service-related issue. The period of unavailability begins when an outage-related trouble ticket is opened, and ends when an ICMP ping is successfully answered. Network unavailability does not include periods of service degradation, such as slow data transmission. The Network Availability SLA takes effect on a circuit-by-circuit basis beginning on the 1st calendar day of the first full month after each circuit has been installed and activated. 

    Remedy: If the Customer suspects that their Network Availability SLA has not been met, the Customer must request an SLA review by sending an email to tech@qsat.net listing the affected circuit(s) and associated outage period(s) within 5 calendar days of the end of the month in which the suspected SLA violation occurred. Upon receiving this email, QSAT will acknowledge its receipt and provide regular updates as it researches and calculates the Customer's Network Availability SLA metrics for the previous calendar month. If QSAT determines that the Network Availability SLA was not met, a credit will be applied to the charges for the affected circuit during the subsequent billing cycle based on the following schedule: 

    Network Availability Monthly Credit
    >=SLA Metric No Credit
    < SLA Metric 1% of MRC of the affected circuit for each percentage point below SLA metric that the circuit was unavailable during the calendar month

    3. Mean Time to Restore SLA (MTTR)
    Description: QSAT Communications is committed to quickly and effectively resolving any service related issues that the Customer may experience. QSAT stands behind this commitment with the above Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) SLA metrics. QSAT MTTR SLA is measured as the average time it takes to restore all outages for all Customer sites with similar circuit types during a calendar month.

    Definition: Mean Time To Restore ("MTTR") is the period of time beginning when either QSAT or the Customer opens an outage-related trouble ticket indicating that a circuit is unavailable to transport IP packets, as described in the Network Availability SLA above, and ending when service is restored and the trouble ticket is closed. 

    MTTR = SUM(Time Trouble Ticket Closed – Time Trouble Ticket Open)
                                     Number of Trouble Tickets

    Measurement: MTTR is calculated as the statistical mean of the open/close intervals of all outage-related trouble tickets , within a calendar month. 

    Remedy: If the Customer suspects that the MTTR SLA has not been met, the Customer must request an SLA review by sending an email to tech@qsat.net  listing the affected circuit(s) and associated outage period(s) within 5 calendar days of the end of the month in which the suspected MTTR SLA violation occurred. Upon receiving this email, QSAT Communications will acknowledge its receipt and provide regular updates as it researches and calculates the Customer's MTTR SLA metrics for the previous calendar month. If QSAT Communications determines that the SLA objective was not met, a credit of 5% of the MRC for each circuit that experienced an outage (as documented in the Qsat Trouble Ticketing System) will be applied to the charges for those circuits during the subsequent billing cycle. 

     4. General Terms and Conditions:
    1. The Customer account must be current and in good standing, otherwise no SLA credits will be issued
    2. No SLA credits will be granted to the Customer for any SLA violations that are caused by or contributed to (a) by the Customer or End User, (b) by any third party or person that is not a provider of telecom services to QSat, (c) router or service configuration changes requested by the Customer or in response to security threats, breaches, or attacks or (d) a Force Majeure event.
    3. QSAT Communications scheduled outages and maintenance, emergency maintenance, and Customer or End User caused outages or support delays will not be included in the unavailability calculation for the Network Availability and MTTR SLA calculations.
    4. All QSAT SLAs require that the End User be available and assist in performing diagnostic testing to verify and resolve the problem.
    5. The Customer must initiate requests for SLA credits as specified herein. Claims can only be made by and credits issued to the Customer. All claims for credits are subject to QSAT Communications review and verification. QSAT Communications reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and QSAT related information given in this document at any time without prior notification. The customer will be provided with a copy of the changes as they become available.

                                                                   EXHIBIT E 

    QSAT Communications has established its main NOC at the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in UAE and in Doha Qatar.  A trouble ticket will be logged if the customer has issues with the service provided and a trouble ticket number will be issued. Once a trouble ticket is logged, the Technical support team in Doha and Sharjah will be notified immediately. If it is required to send a ground support team to site, dispatch center in Doha will coordinate with the customer and send the ground support team to site as per client's convenience. Technical support procedure flow chart for Level 1 service is given below. 

    The customer support center in Doha will be the primary contact for all Qatar customers. The staff of the Customer Support Center will coordinate all customer contact and issue follow up with the NOC. The ticketing system will maintain all records with respect to the customer’s service. This system will provide a huge advantage to QSAT customers as it is fully automated and sends periodic notifications to all concerned. This way customer concerns will always be at the forefront.

    QSAT provides different support options for customers:
    • 24X7 Online and telephonic support – Default plan, comes with all services.
    • Business day Onsite support – 8X5 Onsite – Plan for the discerning customer whose work timings are 8hrs a day and 5 business days a week. Dispatch of support team to site within stipulated time in contract.
    • 24X7X365 Onsite support – 24X7 Onsite – Plan for customers whose VSAT network is
    o Critical to their 24hr, 7 days operations. Dispatch of support team to site within stipulated time in contract.

    QSAT Communications believe in a proactive approach in resolving customer problems. All our VSAT links are monitored 24X7 and if any anomalies are found, the customer is notified immediately. If the customer confirms that there is an issue with the service, a trouble ticket is logged and every effort is made to resolve the issue immediately with the customer. If the problem requires a service call, QSAT will dispatch a service team to the customer site to resolve the issue at the customer's convenience.

    Support structure
    QSAT  is using a support structure based upon proactive monitoring, a 24/7customer
    support and a fast repair time. 

    Network monitoring / ticket management
    The QSAT Sharjah NOC and the QSAT Doha customer Support Center will proactively
    Monitor the Network and act on Network faults discovered or reported. When the Customer Support Center identifies a service affecting problem, a trouble ticket is opened and notification sent to the NOC. The trouble ticket is closed when the service affecting problem has been rectified.
    A trouble ticket for a site will be closed if the NOC is able to (i) ping all demarcation points
    at the affected site, (ii) verify that the relevant router configuration is correct, (iii) carry out
    Verification Tests, and (iv) determine that link quality between the Hub and the affected site
    are within specifications (v) determine that the link QoS is at the requisite level.

    The Customer support Center maintains a trouble ticket system which is used for recording
    and tracking of all incidents reported by NOC engineers as well as incidents reported to the
    customer support center by the Client. Each incident will cause a ticket to be opened. If
    subsequent investigation verifies that a fault exist and is impacting the Network, the NOC will
    receive notification. Notification will include a brief description of the incident and the incident
    ticket number. Upon closure of a ticket, the Help Desk will again notify the NOC. The Client
    will be provided updates to his trouble ticket via email.

    Target time to respond
    The Help Desk shall respond to service requests from the Client within 10 minutes. Upon
    receipt of a call, a ticket number will be given to the Client for later reference and follow up.
    The Help Desk shall start to work at the latest within 15 minutes after an incident ticket is
    opened for an Emergency or Critical Fault and within 30 minutes for a Major Fault. This will be
    recorded via an entry in the trouble ticket system. The Help Desk shall respond to system
    generated alarms within 5 minutes and notify the NOC.

    Target time to repair/restore
    QSAT  Communications maintains a Target Time to Repair/Restore (TTTR) objective based on the severity of the
    fault, as follows:
    • 2 hours for Emergency
    • 4 hours for Critical
    • 12hours for Major
    • 24 hours for Minor
    Such TTTRs apply except when intervention at a Client site is required, in which case the
    TTTR objective applies only after the field technician and replacement unit(s) has arrived on

    Site Visit
    If a fault at a Client site cannot be resolved remotely by the Help Desk, a QSAT Communications   authorized representative shall travel to the Client site and take whatever action may be necessary to correct the problem. This may include but is not limited to replacing Network equipment or parts,
    connecting and reading test instruments, diagnosing and isolating problems and faults, etc.

    QSAT is committed to dispatching personnel to arrive at the Client site, ready to work, within
    a mutually agreed time frame. This time frame is defined as MTTA – The Maximum Time To
    Arrive and shall be agreed for each Client site. The MTTA start time begins when the Client
    and QSAT Communications  agree that the problem cannot be corrected remotely.
    The Help Desk will coordinate all OnSite Call Out Service requests, and will take the lead
    in the troubleshooting and fault finding process. Work will continue until the problem has been
    corrected. QSAT shall, without delay and in accordance with the agreed MTTA, assign and
    dispatch a field service technician. The Client shall assist in providing clearance for the field 
    technician to enter the site. 

    Technical Support Contacts.
    QSAT will provide 8x7x365 remote Technical Support for the link during the duration of the contract. At any time the customer requires assistance they should call the given 24Hr QSAT technical support number. All incidents will be logged and incident report will be made available to the customer if requested.
    First Level.
    24Hr Technical Support Number (UAE) : +971-6-5574074, +971-50-6444515.
    24Hr Technical Support Number (Qatar) : +974 70343206, +974-4435 88 77.
    fax : +971-6-5574075, +974-4435 77 88
    email : tech@QSAT.net.